Rear End Options

  • 1971 through 1975 H-bodies were all equipped with the weaker 6.5″ ring gear.
  • 1976 and 1977 found the H-Bodies equipped with either the 6.5″ or 7.5″ ring gears.
  • H-bodied cars from 1978 and later were all equipped with the 7.5” ring gear.
  • Don’t even consider using the 6.5″ ring gear, as this will not handle even the most anemic engine. It would be best to upgrade to the 7.5″ ring as this rear end can handle up to 300 hp. A better upgrade is the Chevrolet S10 rear end.  This has an 8.5” ring gear and is almost the proper width [it is 1/8” longer]. The S10 rear end lacks the torque arm mounts and the Vega coil spring / control arm mounts that need to be cut off your old rear end and welded on to the S10 rear end. This 10 bolt rear end can handle a small amount of more power than the Vega/Monza 7.5”
  • A better choice is to narrow a GM 12 bolt. This is a more expensive route, but can meet the demands of high horsepower motors and allow a wide choice of gear ratios.

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