Motor Mount Options

Once the engine choice has been made, the next decision is the motor mounts. Since most swappers use the Chevrolet small block, the options for this engine will be outlined.

  1. Front engine mounts. Several companies have used front engine mounts in their swap kits. Dick Harrell, who may be credited with the first V8 Vega swap, designed his own front engine mounts. Others such as the Baldwin-Motion Super Vegas used front mounts as well. Almost all the different swap kits use the same style. The only companies that still manufacture the front engine mounts are Trans-Dapt and Hooker Headers.
  2. Trans-Dapt front mount swap kit. Trans-Dapt 4686
  3. Hooker Headers front mount swap kit. hooker_headers_12608hkr
  4. Over the years, several companies have offered side mount kits. General Motors offered the small block in the Chevrolet Monza from 1975-80. The parts included special body frame plates and unique motor mounts. To use these mounts, the stock 1973-74 Vega engine mounting plate that is welded on the body needs to be removed. nos_v8_motor_mounts_01 nos_v8_motor_mounts_02 v8_motor_mount_nos_left v8_motor_mount_nos_right
  5. The GM engine mounts are no longer available, and if found NOS are very expensive. The design was prone to sagging and this issue was resolved by Bob Gumm. His trick solution was to use readily available Chevrolet 1967-1972 truck engine mounts with his specially designed brackets. They can be purchased at bob_gumm_replacement_v8_mounts chevrolet_truck_1962-1970_motor_mount
  6. Don Hardy developed his Super Twister swap kit in the 70′s. These brackets are designed for the 1971-1974 Vega and they bolt to the existing frame plate that is welded to the Vega body. These brackets use Chevrolet 1967-1972 truck engine mounts. They are still available through don-hardy-motor-mounts 72_vega_engine_bay
  7. Doug Thorley had also offered engine mounts that used the stock Vega side engine mounts found only on 1971-1974 Vegas. This mount is no longer offered new, but can sometimes be found on eBay or local swap meets. doug-thorley-v8-vega-motor-mounts
  8. Hurst had also offered engine mounts that attached to the existing Vega side engine mounting location on 1971-74 Vegas. This product has long been discontinued and is rarely seen and used. hurst_374-0006_mounts
  9. A little know mount that is still available and offered by ACE [Automotive Component Engineering] uses the existing Vega side engine mounting location. It can be purchased at ace_v8_mount
  10. Herbert & Meeks of North Hollywood, California was one of the first to offer Vega mounts. They are no longer in business, but their Vega engine mount also used the stock Vega engine side mount position. herbert_meeks_vega_swap

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