Vega V8 Project

The following pages will detail my V8 Vega conversion. This is a project that has been done many times by hotrodders. My version will be to do it as cost effective and simply as possible, using as many factory parts as possible.

The basis of my project is a 1973 Chevrolet Vega. This was originally purchased by a lady in Van Nuys, California. The car went 90,000 before being parked in 1984. I purchased the car in 2002, and after buying many parts on eBay and hunting through local junk yards, I acquired the parts necessary to start the project.

Please post your comments or questions. I will respond to them as best I can. Follow along as the car progresses from junk yard to street cruzer.

A V8 Vega conversion requires several choices to be made:

  1. Engine Choices
  2. Transmission Choices
  3. Rear End Options
  4. Motor Mount Options
  5. Transmission Mount Options
  6. How to Upgrade to 5 Lug Wheels
  7. My V8 Vega Project

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