1969 Camaro Options

Code Description Retail Price Numbers Installed
12337 Camaro Sport Coupe, 6-cylinder $2,621.00 34,541
12367 Camaro Convertible, 6-cylinder $2,835.00 1,707
12437 Camaro Sport Coupe, 8-cylinder $2,727.00 190,971
12467 Camaro Convertible, 8-cylinder $2,940.00 15,866
AS1 Belts, Standard Front Shoulder (convertible) $23.20 47
AS4 Belts, Custom Deluxe Rear Shoulder $26.35 37
AS5 Belts, Standard Type Rear Shoulder $23.20 78
A01 Glass, Soft Ray Tinted: All windows $32.65 114,733
A31 Windows, Power $105.35 3,058
A39 Belts, Seat: Custom Deluxe Front & Rear (convertible) $9.00 4,901
A67 Seats: Fold Down Rear $42.15 4,397
A85 Belts, Seat: Custom Deluxe Front Shoulder (convertible) $26.35 922
B37 Mats, Floor: Color-keyed: (2) front & (2) rear $11.60 37,158
B93 Guards: Door edge $4.25 57,128
CE1 Headlight Washers (standard on Rally Sport) $15.80 116
C06 Tops, Convertible: Power, available in black, white, or blue. $52.70 9,631
C08 Roof Cover, Vinyl: Sport Coupe models only, available in black or white. $84.30 100,602
C48 Heater and Defroster Deletion $30.00 cr  
C50 Defroster, Rear Window: ($32.65 for convertible) $21.15 7,912
C60 Air Conditioning; included 61-amp Delcotron, heavy-duty radiator and temperature-controlled fan. Power steering recommended. Not available with 375hp or 302ci engine. $376.00 44,737
DX1 Striping, Front Accent, (not available with SS, Z28, or with D90) $25.30 20,479
D33 Mirror: LH outside remote-control $10.55 7,771
D34 Mirror, Visor Vanity $3.20 9,002
D55 Console: Includes floor mounted shift lever, compartment and ashtray. Not available with Torque-Drive transmission. $53.75 156,225
D80 Auxillary Panel and Valance (spoiler), included with Z28 $32.65 19,040
D90 Striping, Sport (included with Super Sport, not available with Z28) $25.30 26,729
D96 Striping, Fender, included with Rally Sport or Style Trim. Not available with SS, Z28, or with RPO D90. $15.80 5,176
F41 Suspension, Special Purpose Front & Rear, included special front and rear springs and shock absorbers. Not available with Z28, or with 375hp SS convertible. $10.55 5,929
G31 Springs, Special Rear, included with Z28. $20.05 556
G80 Axle, Positraction Rear $42.15 48,755
JL8 Brakes, Power Front and Rear Disc, includedmulti-leaf rear springs. Not available with optional tires, 2.56:1 or 2.73:1 axle ratio. Included F70x15 belted white-stripe tires with SS. Cost without SS or Z28 was $623.50. $500.30 206
J50 Brakes, Vacuum Power Front and Rear Drum $42.15 82,890
J52 Brakes, Front Disc, Rear Drum. Included with SS models. $64.25 67,231
KD5 Ventilation, HD Closed Engine Positive. Not available with Z28, or 325hp, 350hp, or 375hp. $6.35 52
K02 Fan, Temperature-Controlled: 8 cylinder only. Included with air conditioning, 375hp engine, or RPO Z28. $15.80 1,052
K05 Heater, Engine Block $10.55 2,124
K79 Generator: 42-amp Delcotron, not available with 375hp engine, air conditioning, or Z28. $10.55 224
K85 Generator, 63-amp Delcotron $26.35 114
LM1 Engine: 225-hp Turbo-Fire 350 V8 $52.70 10,406
L22 Engine: 155-hp Turbo-Thrift 250 6-cyl $26.35 18,660
L34 Super Sport Engine: 350-hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8 $184.35 2,018
L35 Super Sport Engine: 325-hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8 $63.20 6,752
L48 Super Sport Engine: 300-hp Turbo-Fire 350 V8,included power front disc brakes, floor mounted 3-speed manual transmission, special hood and trim, special suspension, sport striping, hood insulation, F70x14 white letter tires, 14×7 wheels, black painted body sill, simulated rear fender louvers, SS emblems on fender, grill and rear body panel, and dual exhaust with bright tips. $327.55 22,339
L65 Engine: 250-hp Turbo-Fire 350 V8 $21.10 26,898
L78 Super Sport Engine: 375-hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8 $316.00 4,889
L89 Super Sport Engine: 375-hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8, aluminum heads $710.95 311
MB1 Transmission, Torque-Drive (6-cylinder only), not available with center console, positraction, or optional rear axles. Bases on the Powerglide two-speed automatic, but was shifted manually without a clutch. $68.65 2,186
MC1 Transmission: Special fully synchronized 3-speed manual, required 350ci or 396 ci engine. $79.00 3,079
M11 Shift Lever, Floor-Mounted. Available only with 3-speed manual transmission with 140hp, 155hp, or 210hp. Included with center console. $10.55 25,586
M20 Transmission: 4-speed wide-range manual, not avaiable with RPO L89. Included Hurst shifter. $195.40 37,816
M21 Transmission: 4-speed close-ratio manual, required 302ci, 350hp, or 375hp engine. Included Hurst shifter. $195.40 26,501
M22 Transmission: HD 4-speed close-ratio manual heavy-duty, required 375hp or Z28. Included Hurst shifter. $322.10 2,117
M35 Transmission: Powerglide automatic, was not available with with 302ci or 396ci engines. $163.70 78,849
M40 Transmission: Turbo-Hydramatic automatic. $190.10 66,423
NC8 Exhust System, Dual Chambered. Available only with SS with 325hp, 350hp, or 375hp engine, or Z28 option. $15.80 1,526
N10 Exhaust System: Dual, available with 200hp, 210hp, 250hp or 255hp engines. included with SS or Z28. $30.55 5,545
N33 Steering Wheel, Comfortilt. Available only with Powerglide, Turbo-Hydramatic or floor-mounted manual transmission. $45.30 6,575
N34 Steering Wheel: Sports-styled, rosewood-grained plastic ring $34.80 6,883
N40 Steering, Power. Included quick-ratio steering with SS. $94.80 141,607
N44 Steering, Special, quick ratio. Included with Z28, or when power steering ordered with SS. $15.80 2,161
N65 Tire, Space Saver. Not available with Z28 or RPO JL8. $19.00 2,228
N95 Wheel Covers: Simulated wire $73.75 2,118
N96 Wheel Covers: Mag Style $73.75 2,866
PA2 Wheel Covers: Mag-Spoke Style $73.75 1,362
PK8 Tires, E78x14 2-ply whitewall $32.10 102,328
PL5 Tires, F70x14 2-ply white letter $63.05 30,605
PW7 Tires, F70x14 2-ply white stripe, no charge with SS. $62.60 14,457
PW8 Tires, F70x14 2-ply red stripe, no charge with SS. $62.60 6,243
PY4 Tires, F70x14 fiberglass belt white stripe, no charge with SS. $88.60 5,783
PY5 Tires, F70x14 fiberglass belt red stripe, no charge with SS. $88.60 1,085
P01 Wheel Covers: Bright metal $21.10 106,386
P06 Wheel Trim Rings (use with standard hubcaps) $21.10 2,401
T60 Battery, Heavy-Duty $8.45 9,738
U15 Speed Warning Indicator $11.60 2,111
U16 Tachometer $52.70 1,450
U17 Instrumentation, Special: 8 cylinder models only with console, included ammeter, temperature, oil pressure and fuel guages mounted on console, electric clock and tachometer mounted in instrument panel cluster. $94.80 29,524
U35 Clock, Electric: Floor mounted $15.80 20,330
U46 Light Monitoring System $26.35 1,450
U57 Stereo Tape System; included four speakers, console required when air conditioning was ordered. System mounted under instrument panel, or to console compartment door depending on option combinations. $133.80 6,239
U63 Radio: AM $61.10 206,598
U69 Radio: AM-FM $133.80 8,271
U73 Antenna: Rear manual, not available with AM-FM radio, or rear spoiler. $9.50 16,394
U79 Radio: AM-FM and Stereo $239.10 2,359
U80 Speaker, Rear Seat; not available with stereo. $13.20 26,862
VE3 Bumper, Special Body Color Front $42.15 12,650
V01 Radiator, Heavy-Duty; included with air conditioning. $14.75 3,802
V31 Guards: Front bumper $12.65 12,657
V32 Guards: Rear bumper $12.65 12,369
V75 Tire, Chain Liquid $23.20 188
ZJ7 Wheels, Rally; included special wheel, hubcap, and trim ring. $35.85 48,735
ZJ9 Auxilary Lighting Group; included ashtray, courtesy, glovebox, trunk, and underhood lights. $13.70 15,768
ZK3 Belts, Custom Deluxe Seat and Shoulder (coupe) $12.15 18,760
ZL2 Hood, Special Ducted $79.00 10,026
Z10 Indy Sport Coupe Accents $36.90  
Z11 Indy Sport Convertible Accents $36.90 3,675
Z21 Style Trim Group; included simulated rear fender louvers, wheel opening moldings, black body sill, rear panel emblem, bright headlight and tailight accents, bright roof drip gutter moldings. For convertibles, style trim excluded roof drip moldings and cost $36.90. $42.15 93,235
Z22 Rally Sport Package; included black grill with hidden headlights, headlight washers, fender striping, simulated $105.35 40,977
Z23 Special Interior Group; included assist grip, steering wheel with wood-grain accents, and bright metal pedal trim. $17.95 57,098
Z28 Special Performance Package; included 302cid V8, dual exhaust, emblems on grill, fender, and rear body panel, special front/rear suspension, rear bumper guards, heavy-duty radiator and temperature-controlled fan, quick ratio steering, 15×7 wheels, E70x15 white-letter tires, 3.73:1 rear axle, and special paint stripes on hood and rear deck. Required 4-speed transmission, front disc, or four-wheel disc brakes. $400.25 7,199
Z87 Custom Interior; included special molded door panels, wood-grained accents on instrument panel and steering wheel,  glove compartment light, bright pedal trim, special insulation, and luggage compartment mat. $110.60 50,461

Reference: Camaro White Book by Mike Antonick.

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